ABOUT 575 Consulting

Inspired by the elegant, structured simplicity of the Haiku, 575 Consulting will provide you with the tools necessary to identify and achieve your goals.

Whether you are seeking professional advancement, physical fitness and/or improving your relationship with yourself and others, we will help you devise a custom, structured plan to move you toward accomplishing your objectives.

You already have everything you need to be successful. Let us help you organize your knowledge, talents and skills to  help you create a pathway to simple, structured success.




With over 20 years of corporate leadership experience we have a profound understanding of how to strategically and successfully navigate those professional ecosystems. Learn to transform what you perceive to be negative aspects of that environment into tools you can use to thrive in your current role and to advance your career. 



Let us help you unlock your best self. Whether you want to improve your relationships, mental and emotional well being, physical fitness or any combination of these aspects of living life, through a lifetime of learning and experimentation we will share with you tried and true practices and techniques tailored to your unique individual self and circumstances.  



Businesses succeed or fail because of the people who make decisions and perform the work. Because of this, selecting, attracting and retaining the best talent is the most critical investment a business can make. With over 20 years of recruiting, interviewing, people leading and performance management experience, we are positioned   

Customer Testimonials


Robin Wilson
Follow The Leader Dynamics

“After we dealt poorly with a product recall, we were worried that our business was going to fail. We had marketing people who could tell us how to promote our products, but nobody could tell us how to regain our customers’ trust and loyalty. Wedge’s Marketing Makeover program put us back in the game.”


Nathan Hall
Groundhog Industries

“We knew we had a great product, but we didn’t know how to take the business to the next level so that we could see real success. The comprehensive Dynamic Growth program offered by Wedge worked with us every step of the way so we could grow our company without sacrificing our company spirit. We just made Fortune 500!”


Maggie Scott
Mason-Elliot Inc.

“Working with Wedge was awesome – we knew that they would offer us a very strong framework and that it would be handled in a very organized and professional way. I couldn’t recommend them enough.”


Anita Roberts
Happy Ceramics

“Our production had been ramped up to full time, but the profits just weren’t there. We didn’t know what we were doing wrong. Wedge showed us an amazing number of areas we could cut our overhead, from more efficient parts layout and energy-efficient lighting to recycling waste and more effective work flow.”